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Kohlschütter Search Intelligence offers customized, scalable solutions, first hand.

Research & Development

Be State of the Art.

Innovative and scientifically proven methods, smart and scalable solutions, clean and stable implementations — that's what Kohlschütter Search Intelligence stands for.

Numerous own publications on high-ranking conferences and workshops speak for themselves.

The Sky is the Limit

Most of our projects start with a few million documents. We always develop with scalability in mind, allowing your systems to grow and run for years without trouble.

The only thing that does not grow arbitrarily, is the project budget. We offer top-notch services at a fair rate.

Go ahead, contact us!

Open Source

Reinventing the wheel is no more.

Free software libraries with an Apache, BSD or LGPL license is used in many products here at Kohlschütter Search Intelligence.

This gives us a stable, hassle-free and future-proof foundation — and much more time for the important stuff!

We also publish individual components as Open Source and also contribute to other projects.


Our technologies are already being used by many other systems, for example:

Apache TikaBarracuda VPNDigital Map Archive (JRC, European Commission)GetInfo (TIB)NewsClub.deNewsClub im BundestagOW2 WebLab


That's what they say about us.

The OpenGovernment search engine «NewsClub im Bundestag» lets user search the full text of the speeches held in the German parliament. It thus renders these speeches much more accesible to the public and contributes significantly to making politics more transparent. — Suma Awards 2010

Best Paper Nominee for
«Boilerplate Detection using Shallow Text Features» —
WSDM 2010 — Third ACM International Conference on Web Search and Data Mining, New York, USA

«FuzzyG» is an integral part of our geospatial data infrastructure and Digital Map Archive web mapping website and is extremely well viewed by and useful to our user community. — Dr. Tom de Groeve, European Commission Joint Research Center

«Boilerpipe» is one of the best algorithms I have found for text extraction. I have been using for news extraction in Spanish and it works fairly well with the default parameters. Congratulations! — garduno auf Google Code

Why didn't we come up with that? — N.N., Competitor

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