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    1. Christian Kohlschütter
    2. Christian Kohlschütter
      Exploring the New York Times Corpus with NewsClub
      HCIR 2010 Challenge: Fourth Workshop on Human-Computer Interaction and Information Retrieval, in conjunction with IIiX 2010, New Brunswick, NJ, USA. (August 2010)
    3. Christian Kohlschütter, Peter Fankhauser, Wolfgang Nejdl
      Boilerplate Detection using Shallow Text Features
      WSDM 2010: Third ACM International Conference on Web Search and Data Mining New York City, NY USA.
    4. Christian Kohlschütter, Fabian Abel, Dimitrios Skoutas
      A Novel Interface for Exploring, Annotating and Organizing News and Blogs Articles
      Third Annual Workshop on Search in Social Media (SSM 2010)
    5. Christian Kohlschütter
      A Densitometric Classification of Web Template Content
      Emmerich Kelih, Viktor Levickij, Gabriel Altmann (Editors), METHODS OF TEXT ANALYSIS: Omnibus volume, Chernivtsi: CNU, 2009. pp. 133-155. ISBN 978-966-423-043-5
    6. Christian Kohlschütter
      A Densitometric Analysis of Web Template Content
      18th International World Wide Web Conference (WWW 2009), Madrid, Spain
    7. Christian Kohlschütter, Wolfgang Nejdl
      A Densitometric Approach to Web Page Segmentation
      CIKM 2008: Proceedings of the 17th ACM Conference on Information and Knowledge Management, Napa Valley, California, USA
    8. Christian Kohlschütter, Maria Nejdl, Dierk Höppner
      Enhanced Federated Search for Digital Object Repositories
      2nd European Workshop on the Use of Digital Object Repository Systems in Digital Libraries (DORSDL2) in conjunction with ECDL 2008
    9. Christian Kohlschütter, Sergey Chernov, Wolfgang Nejdl
      Exploring a European Market of Learning Objects with ELEONET
      Proceedings of 2nd European Conference on Technology Enhanced Learning (EC-TEL 2007), Crete, Greece, September 17-20, 2007.
    10. Christian Kohlschütter, Paul-Alexandru Chirita, Wolfgang Nejdl
      Utility Analysis for Topically Biased PageRank
      Proceedings of the 16th International Conference on World Wide Web, WWW 2007, Banff, Alberta, Canada, May 8-12, 2007, pp. 1211-1212, 2007, ACM, 978-1-59593-654-7.
    11. Christian Kohlschütter, Paul-Alexandru Chirita, Wolfgang Nejdl
      Using Link Analysis to Identify Aspects in Faceted Web Search
      SIGIR 2006 Workshop on Faceted Search, Aug 10, 2006, Seattle, WA, USA.
    12. Sergey Chernov, Bernd Fehling, Christian Kohlschütter, Wolfgang Nejdl, Dirk Pieper, Friedrich Summann
      Enabling Federated Search with Heterogeneous Search Engines: Combining FAST Data Search and Lucene
      vascoda Federated Search Project Report. March 2006.
    13. Sergey Chernov, Christian Kohlschütter, Wolfgang Nejdl
      A Plugin Architecture Enabling Federated Search for Digital Libraries.
      In: Digital Libraries: Achievements, Challenges and Opportunities, 9th International Conference on Asian Digital Libraries, ICADL 2006, Kyoto, Japan, November 27-30, 2006, Proceedings, pp. 202-211, 2006, Springer, 3-540-49375-1.
    14. Christian Kohlschütter, Paul-Alexandru Chirita, Wolfgang Nejdl
      Efficient Parallel Computation of PageRank.
      In: Advances in Information Retrieval, 28th European Conference on IR Research, ECIR 2006, London, UK, April 10-12, 2006, Proceedings, pp. 241-252, 2006, Springer, 3-540-33347-9.
    15. Tereza Iofciu, Christian Kohlschütter, Raluca Paiu, Wolfgang Nejdl
      Keywords and RDF Fragments: Integrating Metadata and Full-Text Search in Beagle++
      Workshop on The Semantic Desktop - Next Generation Personal Information Management and Collaboration Infrastructure at the International Semantic Web Conference 6 November 2005, Galway, Ireland
    16. Paul-Alexandru Chirita, Christian Kohlschütter, Wolfgang Nejdl, Raluca Paiu
      Using ODP Metadata to Personalize Search
      SIGIR 2005: Proceedings of the 28th Annual International ACM SIGIR Conference on Research and Development in Information Retrieval, Salvador, Brazil, August 15-19, 2005, pp. 178-185, 2005, ACM, 1-59593-034-5.
    17. Christian Kohlschütter
      Hierarchie-basierte Objektpersistenz bei relationalen Datenbanksystemen
      Diploma Thesis, 2003. FH Hof, University of Applied Sciences.
    18. Christian Kohlschütter
      The Fuzzy Gazetteer — A world-wide place name search engine supporting imprecise queries
      Technical Report, 2003. FH Hof, University of Applied Sciences. See also: European Commission, Joint Research Centre: Digital Map Archive, http://dma.jrc.it/
    19. Christian Kohlschütter
      Kommunikation via TrustNet — Die kryptologische Organisation des Datenschutzes im Internet zur effektiven Verteidigung des Briefgeheimnisses gegen Ausspähung
      Tectum Verlag Marburg, Edition Wissenschaft, 2000, ISBN 3-8288-0624-4.
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